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Exchange 26 cryptocurrencies straight to your wallet, instantly. No registration, no email, no account. Keep control of your private keys and data, always.

We built the exchange so that the only info needed is the user's crypto address. It's fast, private and so simple, like sending a transaction and receiving your exchanged crypto right back.

Try to exchange your favourite crypto, instantly.


The exchange shares 50% of the profits generated with FYP Token owners. FYP Tokens are ERC-20 Tokens that can be bought at HitBTC, EtherDelta and others. Soon they will be tradable on

FYP Token owners receive several benefits including profit sharing, the ability to propose new features or coin additions and vote for key decisions.

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What is is the instant accountless exchange with 26 cryptocurrencies and 50% profit sharing. The exchange doesn't require any registration, email or account: only the user's crypto address.

Fast, private exchanges any registracion.

Which cryptocurrencies can I exchange?

Users can exchange the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, DASH, PIVX, FAIR, GAME, DCR, SYS, PPC, DOGE, BLK, GRC, CREA, VTC, GRS

Also the following ERC20 tokens are available: EOS, VEE, BAT, REP, ZRX, FYP, AID, DAI, VEN

Note sometimes some of these currencies/tokens might be disabled due to maintenance

How does work? leverages several trading platforms to secure the best rates for different trading pairs. The exchange rate is fixed with one click on the button "Exchange", so you always get what you ordered.

How do I buy cryptocurrencies using

It's fast, secure and as simple as sending a transaction.

Why should I use

The exchange is built and managed by the team at HolyTransaction, one of the first multicurrency web wallet launched in 2014.

You can currently exchange 26 cryptocurrencies at the best rates and be always in control of your data. No need to register, no email and no account.

It's instant, private and so simple, like sending a transaction and receiving your exchanged crypto straight to your wallet.

No deposit. Instant exchange. Always receive what you order.

Why does fix rates?

We fix exchange rates the moment you click "Exchange" so you always get what you order. This is why the exchange rate will be as expected at the end of a transaction. uses a number of trading platforms to secure the best rates depending on the market.

How does protect my privacy?

We promote decentralization and believe your data and privacy should never be compromised. That is why to use you don't need any registration, email or account: only your crypto address.

We don't request and don't obtain information about you. Unlike other exchanges, we don't track you. We don't use any third-party web analytics, customer service software, marketing automation platforms and email marketing services.

You are always in control of your private keys.

How can I get 50% share of the profits generated by created a limited number of FYP Tokens which get 50% profit sharing. Every three months, the exchange will distribute payouts to FYP Token owners in proportion to their ownership of FYP. The more FYP Tokens, the more profits.

Get FYP Tokens now at HitBTC, EtherDelta and others. Soon they will be available on

Why does share 50% of the profits? is committed to rebalancing the power between users of an exchange and the exchange itself. We believe in supporting the crypto ecosystem and we believe our community should have an active and rewarding role in the success of

I am developer or a business, how can I accept payments in cryptocurrencies using has built a permissionless API, fast and easy to implement. It allows anyone, anywhere to accept multicurrency payments and enable crypto exchanges. To find out more visit or email us.

How can I join the discussion or contact the team?

You are welcome to join the discussion on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

You can send us an email to helloflypme.

My order expired/failed, what should I do?

Usually it can mean three things:

An order code is generated for each order. You should save the order code. It can be found on the page as you are performing an exchange and in your "URL".

If you have any doubts, please send an email to helloflypme

How do I cancel my transaction?

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once a transaction is made, it cannot be rolled back. Be sure to double check all payment details carefully.

What are FYP Tokens?

FYP Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens. Each and every FYP Token is divisible, equal to each other and has exactly the same qualities, properties, and characteristics.

What are the benefits of FYP Tokens?

FYP Token owners receive several benefits including:

What is the total supply of FYP Tokens?

A total of 35,277,363 FYP Tokens have been created during the Token Crowdsale. No additional FYP Tokens will ever be created.

Where can I view the token smart contract?

The token smart contract can be viewed here.

Where can I get FYP Tokens?

FYP Tokens can be bought at HitBtc, EtherDelta and others. Soon they will be tradable on

Which are the recommended Ethereum wallets to hold FYP Tokens?

You can use any Ethereum wallet of which you own and control the private keys.

Below are our recommendations to receive and manage FYP Tokens:

  • MyEtherWallet (MeW)
  • Mist / Ethereum Wallet
  • Geth
  • Metamask

  • How much of the net profits will be distributed to the token owners?

    50% of the net profits will be distributed to FYP Token owners in proportion to their ownership of tokens. All costs incurred in running will be covered by the funds raised during the Presale and ICO. Therefore, until Presale and ICO funds have been used, the net profits will be equal to revenue.

    Why is willing to share 50% of the profits?

    We believe that by providing 50% of the profits generated by as well as distributed policy-making and other benefits to token owners, can help rebalance the power between crypto holders and the crypto exchange business. We have long been committed to supporting the crypto community and opposing centralization by the few powerful players who are increasingly pushing their own agenda.

    Additionally, 50% profit sharing is an incentive for token owners to use the exchange as owning tokens in conjunction with using the exchange will effectively reduce their exchange rate.

    How often will you send the payouts? will distribute the payouts every three months with the first around January. Following the first two payouts, the timing of the payout will be voted by FYP token owners in line with our commitment to distributed policy-making.

    How will you distribute the payouts?

    An Ethereum-based Smart Contract is designed to distribute them to your FYP Token address.

    Will the payout be distributed in ETH?

    The payout will be distributed by default in the form of ETH.

    Will you reward users of the exchange?

    Yes, a portion of FYP Tokens owned by the team at will be distributed to all daily users of the exchange to increase adoption of the exchange.

    How many FYP Tokens will I receive when I use the exchange?

    Allocation of FYP Tokens per address will be proportional to the volume transacted by the individual address.

    Are there any other rewards for users?

    We are looking into more rewards for active members of this growing community. We will announce them in due course.

    Who will be able to propose new features?

    Anyone holding FYP Tokens will be able to propose new features.

    What will happen once a new feature is proposed?

    There will be a set time frame to upvote any given proposal following which the most upvoted proposals will be evaluated by the team before commencing a formal voting phase.

    Who will be able to vote for key decisions?

    FYP Tokens owners with a certain amount of tokens will be able to vote for key decisions.

    How will proposing new features and voting for key decisions work?

    We will build an Ethereum-based Smart Contract following the ICO and will crowdsource ideas from the community to deliver the best possible experience.

    What are's business priorities? is focusing on adding improving and expanding the exchange with new cryptocurrencies and features. We aim to build a strong and committed community to help the growth of's user base and increase exchanged volumes. High growth will be further boosted by a number of strategic partnerships enabled by permissionless API.

    What are's development priorities? prioritizes R&D; in the latest technology improvements with a focus on new cryptocurrency and token pairs, additional API modules, decentralized asset platforms, 2nd layer solutions for cryptocurrency networks to allow transactions to be securely routed across multiple peer-to-peer networks and atomic exchanges. These improvements will ultimately increase efficiencies and cut costs.

    What are's next steps? will be constantly developed, upgraded and expanded. Code reviews and security audits will be continuously and periodically done to ensure the highest level of security, efficiency and stability.
    The next steps are:

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